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Pacific Node to GBIF

Welcome to the Pacific Node to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). The Node is a collaboration between the Pacific Biodiversity Information Forum (PBIF) and GBIF.

The PBIF effort seeks to provide access to credible scientific information that is both easy to find and targeted to the specific needs of the people in the region. Whereas many current regional informatics initiatives focus much of their attention on information management of non-living resources, PBIF invests wholly in the information management of Pacific island organisms. PBIF is designed to aggregate, organize, and redistribute available biodiversity data in an electronically accessible information system. Improved access to baseline biodiversity information provides a basis for informed decision making and enables the efficient management of delicate island ecosystems. The PBIF effort is not intended to replace any existing activity, but to complement, link and strengthen current regional activities.

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) is an independent international organization with the aim of making the world’s primary data on biodiversity freely and universally available via the Internet. GBIF’s focus is on data about species and individual specimens representing those species, although links are also made to ecological and genetic data.

As the Pacific node, our role is to provide a portal to facilitate access to and assist in the coordination of activities relating to biodiversity information in the Pacific region.